Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting Better.

So I went back to your typical conditioner.  It's not the best conditioner but I had to use what I could.  Again I have less breakage and the natural shine that I had before is returning.

I must say that I think the weather might have some affect on my hair and recently I have been working out more which could be causing changes in the feel of my hair.  It's been difficult working with these two factors mostly because I just don't know what  to do.  I guess I've come to the point of my journey were I really need to research this whole process and get more info that will be beneficial to my hair care.

I'd also like to say that my curls are starting to dominate my hair.  Take a look.

Slowly but surely I will be able to wear it curly.  Until then I'll opt for this do.

Ok catch you guys next time ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

I's been a while.

I know it's been a while since my last post and really there's no excuse.  I became very lazy and fell off.  There was also a small issue with a sinus inffection that nearly crippled me but that's all over now.  I'm back and ready to continue down my journey.

Now just because I haven't updated you all about my progress doesn't mean that I've given up.  I still continue with my regimen and I have been improving.  Well I say that I have sort of plateaued.  I'm not to concern about that I think my hair is just getting used to its new status.  It's still fuller and healthier so I'm on the right track.

There has been one small change that I'm concerned about.  So moving through the process I switched from your normal creamy conditioner to a restoring treatment.  I'm starting to think that it may be too early for that because I've had a some breakage.  It wasn't a lot but it was more than what I had when I was using my regular conditioner.  As I examine my hair I notice that there may still be some pieces of relaxed hair so it may not be the right time to make that switch.

Today I used some conditioner that I've used before through my natural journey and saw less breakage.  I'm going to discuss it with a pro to see how they feel and make a decision from their.  I mean really I just think my hair swallows moisture so easily that at this time I need all that I can get.

Well I'll track my success and continue to let you all know how I'm doing.  And I promise it won't be forever and a day for the next time I post.  I promise!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still Going Strong.

So I don't have much to post this week.  I know it's disappointing seeing as though I didn't post last week.  It's just my hair is doing great.  I'm seeing lots of progress and I'm satisfied with my results so far.

My hair is thick and full.  I'm starting to see more curls.  It's just great.

A lot of people have told me that my hair seems shorter than what they are used to, but I didn't just get a hair cut.  It should grow back to its normal length sometime soon.  It always does.  Plus, like I said before, it helps me get closer to my goal.

Well this week I'm going to try something new with my hair.  I don't want to say what that is just yet because I don't want to set a goal and it comes out looking like a hot mess.  I don't want to let anyone  Well I guess I'll just talk to you all next week ;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Weather....

So this weather really has my hair looking funky.  I'm not sure what to do but when the weather mixes with my new natural textures it's not a good look.  It's not that it looks that bad it just feels weird.  When I step outside I can just feel the elements hit my hair and it just feels gross.  Oh well I'll just look to see what I can do to keep it looking better through the warmer season.

I do know however, that since I've made the changes in my regimen have improved several other aspects of my hair.  There is again less breakage and the pressure points that suffered the most have seen improvement as well.  Well I have an appointment this week with the Synergi Salon so I'll let you all know the information that I pick up from my visit.  See ya next time ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Changes made.

So last week I told you all how my hair styling regimen changed and how my hair suffered.  Well I went back to the techniques I previously practiced and it worked.

Now first I went back to washing my hair twice a week.  So this past Wednesday I did just that.  This time I used the Get It Straight Glaze from the Synergi Salon but I also used some hair oil that I had.  It's one of those Africa's Best or Proclaim brands.  Well I didn't like the outcome.  My hair looked nice but it was weighed down and didn't style as easily as I wold have liked it to.

Now on Saturday I again washed my hair but this time I just used the glaze and got the results I wanted.  I made sure I didn't use too much so that I didn't ruin my flat iron.  I wish I had pictures to show you but I didn't think to take any once I was done.

The only thing now that's bothering me is my hair and the weather.  It's not staying completely smooth especially when it rains or if there's a bit of humidity in the air.  With this upcoming spring season I'm a little worried about that.  Oh well I'm sure I'll find a solution.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spoiled Follicles....

So I went a week without washing my hair and oh did it ever show it.  Since starting my journey I've gone from washing my hair just once a week to twice a week.  I got a little busy this week and was only able to wash my hair once.  Thank goodness my job allows me to wear a hat to work because I really needed to.  My hair was dry and looked very thin.  I'll be back on track this week, because I just can't do that anymore.

And for my "a-ha" moment of the week: as I was straightening my hair today, I realized why my hair has been a bit dry.  For weeks I've been going on about how nice my hair has looked after flat ironing my hair with little to no product but this seems to be the reason as to why I'm experiencing some dryness.  This dryness may have also resulted in the breakage around my temple area.  So because of that I'll be changing my routine.  It is somewhat common knowledge that you must protect your hair when adding heat on a regular basis.  This week I'll go back to using Synergi Salon's Get It Straight Glaze.

P.S. after all of the set backs, the hair still looks pretty good.....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So this past week we had some great weather.  Any other time I would be happy to experience the climate change but since I'm going through this natural journey, my hair just isn't on the same page as am.
With the moister in the air I had a little struggle with my hair.  Although it still looked good it just wasn't as smooth.  I'm going to have to find a daily moisturizer to use that won't weigh down on my hair.  Before I would use the hair oils that you can find at your local grocery stores but those weighed down my hair when I used them.  They are very similar to those green and blue colored hair grease products we used to use.  
Also one change experienced this recently was a little breakage.  Like most I have this stress point at my temple that gets a little week when I'm stressed out.  Since I've been going through some things think that area fell victim and became a little damaged.  I do think that the issue will improve since I've been going to the gym to try and release some stress so it doesen't affect my hair.  Now just need to learn how to manage my hair while working out. Oh boy....